Reading is Fundamental! Reading is Essential! Read daily!

Mar. 24, 2017

Reading Across AZ! Read more!

The term, reading is fundamental is very true. To take it a step farther, reading is not only fundamental, it is essential for success in school and life. The earlier a child is presented with viable (and enjoyable) reading material, the earlier they began to frame words; read for comprehension and enjoy the many pleasures that reading brings. Encourage daily reading. Read with a young person and allow them to read (or explain the pictures/objects) in a book to you. Reading is one of those unique pleasures in which you can go places and discover things long before the actual opportunity might present itself. Individuals have been known to "lose themselves in a book for hours" and many have "found themselves in a book or two." Enjoy the pleasure of reading. The Sensational Letter "S" encourages it!